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- "Offset" an indirect means PRINT METHOD. The print is made by a
Blanket, on HP Indigo as well as in the conventional offset printing.
- Real Offsetfarbpigmente in the patented ElectoInk used.
- With grid points, as in conventional offset printing, is used.
- Almost all papers, in the conventional offset printing used, including in
digital offset printing can be printed.
- The liquid paint dries by itself. The hitherto conventional digital
Burn the toner deleted. Therefore it is no formation of the wave
Paper and for any unwanted shine with the print of images.

When offset printing processes are some steps before the actual print is necessary. First, the text set, and the illustrations are reproduced. Then instead of the break. Then the Imposition and the arc assembled before the disk copy takes place. The machine is set up and the inking and the dampening set. Finally, the print edition.

The method uses the selective wetting of a structured image-surface (printed) by an ink-Dampening emulsion and subsequent transfer of Benetzungsbildes on a rubber cylinder (blanket), his part on the actual substrate (paper, film, metal, etc.) transfers ( prints). This intermediate pressure transmission of the image ( "offset") owes its name to the proceedings. It is therefore an indirect PRINT METHOD. The blanket has the advantage that no rubbing farbannehmenden the layers through the plate into contact with the paper can take place.




Most common is the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, key - or even the BlackBerry is contrast), using any colors for a printing plate is needed. With these four Colors can be a big part of the Colors of the color printing. The hue of this color is in the ISO 2846 definition. By screening different sizes (small, from the eye only by the near-visible points) are the result of four inks an enormous amount of color visible to the eye. For Colors, not with the CMYK Colors can be printed (gold, silver, reflective Colors, Colors outside the color space) or not to be printed (such as the a company logo), it is still different standardized palettes like HKS or Color Pantone (spot). To offset printing with a special rainbow pattern to be achieved, including the Iris printing is used.

Coloring of the color offset printing is the coloring, or more precisely the insoluble pigment. The achromatic (black) pigments are mostly inorganic, for Buntpigmente are almost exclusively organic pigments used or Color.

Offset inks are pasty and have a viscosity from 40 to 100 Pa s. The Colorize the printing is done by inking. To print only the parts of the colors included, you must first printing of the dampening form rollers are wetted. Machines with more than four Farbwerke allow print an additional (jewelry-) colors on the machine. Additional plants can be special for the inline finishing lacquer with various applications.




format                                    DIN-format

390 mm x 280 mm                    A4-Überformat

360 mm x 520 mm                    A3-Überformat

460/480 mm x 640/650 mm       A2-Überformat

520 mm x 720 mm                    B2-Überformat

640 mm x 915 mm                    A1-Überformat

720 mm x 1020 mm                  B1-Überformat

750 mm x 1050 mm                  B1-Überformat

890 mm x 1260 mm                  A0-Überformat

1000 mm x 1400 mm                 B0

1100 mm x 1600 mm                 B0-Überformat

1200 mm x 1620 mm                 B0-Überformat

1320 mm x 1850 mm    

1510 mm x 2050 mm    




While previously the light-sensitive layer of the offset printing plate by laying on of positive-or negative-exposed films, has in large and medium-sized print shops the direct exposure (Direct Imaging) the printing plate, including CTP (computer to plate), is enforced. With a laser (thermal or optical) or a UV radiation source (CTCP, Computer to Conventional Plate) is the layer of the printing plate with tiny points of different sizes exposed and then developed - now even "chemical free", ie under the waiver on a photographic chemical development. (Large items are for dark and small bright points for games, image resolution up to 120 dots per inch)

For the manufacture the offset form the transfer of the print image on the surface of a printing plate and this creates a solid anchorage of the print image for the print edition. The offset technique could not last even for an economy so universal and flexible PRINT METHOD develop because they are always on a light and versatile offset plate production could help. For each edition area, for every offset press (sheet and web printing press) and for all quality requirements are the offset printing plates and films available. The production of the printing plate is divided today in the offset copy on film and the filmlose Offset Platemaking. The offset copy film loses, however, with increasing importance and will be replaced by CTP and equipment replaced.


When folding the paper in accordance with specified dimensions and predetermined pattern on one of the scoring process
prepared bending point, possibly in the direction bent. LASER LINE identifies the type of fold on the number of pages,
caused by the folding (In technical jargon on the number of breaks is called). A once folded
Sheet of paper has four pages, called Four-Fold sides.

For folding, we verweden our new high-performance strong Heidelberg Stahlfolder KH 78, the example with extensive
Brochures will be used. Also in the Machinery: Horizon AFC-566 FKT Binderhaus R50
Digifold car and nail-fold and Rillnak scorers, Typical products are folded flyers and brochures,
but also presentation folders, greeting cards, business cards and CD booklets.




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