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To help us for the best printing you can achieve results, are
following points:

The following data can you send us:

• Tiff files in CMYK format, uncompressed
• EPS files with Bildkennsatz, bitmaps as CMYK
• PDF files, unless you are experienced with the basic-and
Preferences have
• File with the following programs and these programs
Compatible formats:
PC: Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Freehand
Or other formats on request.

Please attach program if necessary due to bitmaps and fonts.
At best it is, you send us your files as a closed file.

Hinweis zur PDF Datei Erstellung:

• Photoshop ICC profile off, ZIP code, all fonts
• Illustrator file as large as the print format, all
Embed fonts
• Freehand as Illustrator, in the absence of PPD (Distiller
Printer Description File) file as an EPS file with
Use of these fonts then include (FontIncluder)
• CorelDraw as a free PDF file, PDF for Prepress select
embed all fonts, Bleed necessarily disable at
Advanced deactivate all check boxes, color CMYK


 The Monitordarstellung ist nicht able zur Beurteilung von Colors. The
 sichtbare Farbraum im RGB Modus ist größer als the druckbare Farbraum im
 CMYK-Modus. Deshalb ist it sinnvoll, the Data im CMYK-Farbraum (Euroskala)

 Verwenden Sie keine HKS-, Trumatch-, HSB- and LAB-Farbprofile!

Größen / Auflösung:

Please include all files on a scale of 1:10 - 1:1 at. The dissolution of a
File is dependent on viewing distance:

Viewing distance up to 1.00 m - 600 dpi
Viewing distance to 5.00 meters - 300 dpi
Viewing distance from 5.00 m - 150 dpi


To the sticker printed outline the need to cut film we have 2
identical vector files (CDR - CorelDraw PC). 1. File must be the motive -
Information contained in your sticker, 2 Must file the contour line
(Cutting edge) of your sticker included (cut edge surrounding 1-2 mm
less than sticker graphics, white edges to avoid). To both
Files, please consult an identical rectangular frame which your
Sticker surrounds.





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